Friday, 27 January 2012

My First Post

Hello Blog-World,

Here I am in Vancouver, with only my homework to pattern my days.  Literally.  I am getting in really excellent shape though - why not?  I have nothing else to do.  At least exercise makes me sleepy enough to fall into a nice deep coma every evening.  All you students out there who are so stressed out because you have homework ... I have bad news for you.  Life doesn't get less busy than being a student.  On the up side, you do develop a pretty interesting skill set for dealing with all of life's crazy pressures.  Going back to being "just a student" feels rather vacation-like ...  Wow, that didn't sound quite right.

Don't get me wrong, thinking about High School makes me cringe.  That seriously was not the easiest time in my life.  What is the point of what I'm saying?  I don't know - maybe that life is tough but God gives us this incredible adaptability skill that is likely to surprise you later when you reflect on your life?  Hmmm.  One day, if I ever feel super wise, I will sort that one out for you.  Don't hold your breath.

So for my first blog-posting in a blog that is literally not required of me as a part of some kind of university assignment (not to toot my own horn but - I have done several of those in the past and feel like posting "on my own" signals a kind of blog-maturity level) I have decided to set up a framework for my future blog-posts.  Some kind of pattern to keep me accountable.

Given that I am a voracious reader and also that I am currently a little consumed by thinking of ways to help our own church grow and prosper (seriously, not a criticism of those who are already doing this - you guys are doing such an excellent job and I am so proud of you) I have decided to read the book The Purpose Driven Church by Rick C. Warren - and will be commenting on my discoveries there in this blog.  If you have any other books that you think I should read that are along these same lines, please post them in the comment section of this blog.  I would love that.  Not only would I have more books to read, but it would be so flattering to know that you actually read my blog! 

Also - I am embarking on a bit of a church tour over the next several months and will be using this space to voice all of the excitement that this produces in me ... this way I will be less likely to bore my husband at night when I vent all of this to him (I mean "vent" in the most positive way possible of course).  For the record - this is only a space in which I will be posting things that I see that I think are working well - not an area in which to critique the practices of other churches.  Blah - that would not be helpful at all.  Especially considering that I am literally no expert.

Well, I have to say, the school teacher in me enjoys the structure that I have created in my life by making this plan (obviously I have chosen the right career path because what other kind of person would smile at the thought of "structure"?).

Until my next post,


  1. I look forward to reading your blog and living vicariously through your "adventures" :)

    1. Oh - thank you for commenting! I'm so flattered that you actually read this! Does that sound desperate? yes. But it can't be a secret that I have no social life right now. Because I really don't.

  2. Lol, but you get to live by the ocean!